Melani M.

John Vega is my hairdresser and my friend.  He’s been cutting my hair since the late 80’s, whenever we have lived in the same city.  And I’ll tell you several reasons why.  First, is his amazing shampoo.  Seriously.  This man takes his service seriously and gives the most thoughtful shampoo you’ll ever experience.  Second, John is pleasantly honest.  He will determine your lifestyle, face shape, hair texture, personality, EVERYTHING, and discuss what will work best for you.  His experience shows through in all he does.  And, most importantly, he will tell you if that shag or asymmetrical Bob will work for you and your hair.  Seriously.  The third and most important point is his precision with scissors.  The man can cut hair.  My particular style is a Pixie.  God is in the details here.  John delivers.  Seriously.  My haircut grows out gracefully and beautifully.